About Medical Education Commission (MEC)

As per provision of the National Medical Education Act 2075 B.S, in the context of the essence and spirit of the reports of the commission, committee and task force formed to improve medical education at different times; Medical Education Commission has been established to:

  • increase the investment of the state in the field of medical education,

  • develop medical education in line with the national needs of Nepal,

  • regulate medical education in integrated and efficient way,

  • organize the work related to the establishment and operation of medical institutions,

  • maintain quality, professionalism, institutional accountability, geographical balance and social justice in medical education,

  • ensure equal access of all students including the deprived.

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The Act defines medical education as education of all disciplines and levels related to the health profession (Health Professional Education).

The Medical Education Commission has formulated a new regulation under which colleges and institutes that fail to secure at least 70 percent marks in their evaluation for two consecutive years could have their licenses revoked.

The commission, which has finalized 1o compliance nero 2015 torrents indicators for medical colleges and nursing institutions, plans to evaluate colleges based on their quality of their infrastructure, service, equipment, and teaching staff.

“If they fail to secure the minimum of 70 percent for two consecutive years, the commission can recommend the university concerned to scrap their license chairman of the commission . The new regulations come as various reports said medical colleges in Nepal lack infrastructure and quality teaching staff. Some colleges reportedly hired temporary faculties, mostly from India, to show the inspectors when they come for checks.

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As per the draft regulation, being rolled out amid concerns over quality of medical and nursing education in the country, research conducted by colleges, the quality of their hostels and their performance in terms of fulfilling social responsibility will also be evaluated.

As per the MEC regulation, all medical colleges will evaluate themselves on the criteria set by the commission. The evaluations will then be verified by a team of experts, appointed by the commission. Colleges that receive less than 70 percent marks will get one year to improve themselves. Based on the score each college receives, the commission plans to place them in three categories. While institutions that score more than 90 percent will be categorized as ‘A’, those scoring between 80 to 90 percent will fall under the ‘B’ category and those that get between 70 to 80 get the ‘C’ label. Colleges that score below 70 shall fail the evaluation.

Note: Foreign students who want to study in Government Medical Colleges like BP Koirala, Patan Academy of Health Science, Institute of Medicine, Katmandu University School of Medicine, Nepalese Army, Karnali Academy of Health Science need to appear Entrance Examination conducted by MEC.
It is compulsory for students to fill the application form and deposit the Prescribed application form charge to appear the CEE (Common Entrance Examination ) conducted by MEC.

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