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Nepal, officially the federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked central Himalayan Country in south Asia. It has a Population of 26.4 Million and is the 93rd largest country by area. [Bordering China in the north and India in the South. east, and west, it is the largest sovereign Himalayan State.

 Nepal Has a Diverse geography, including fertile plains, [12] subalpine forested hills, and eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, including Mount Everest ,the highest point on Earth. Kathmandu is the nation’s capital and largest city. It is a multiethnic nation with Nepali as the official language.

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Buddha Was Born In Nepal

The territory of Nepal has a recorded history since the Neolithic age. The name Nepal is first recorded in texts from the Vedic Age, the era which founded Hinduism, the predominant religion of the country.In the middle of the first millennium BCE, Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born in southern Nepal since the 8th century.

Modern Nepal is a federal secular parliamentary republic. It has seven states. Nepal is a developing nation, ranking 145th on the Human Development Index (HDI) in 2014.

Peace keeping Country

Nepal hosts the permanent secretariat of the south Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), of which it is a Founding member . Nepal is also a member of the Non-Aligned Movement and the Bay of Bengal Initiative. Nepal has long standing bilateral treaties with the United Kingdom since 1923, India since 1950, and china since 1960. The Military of Nepal is the fifth Largest in South Asia and is notable for its Gorkha History, particularly during the world wars, and has been a significant contributor to United Nations Peacekeeping operations.

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Nepal at Glance - Study MBBS in Nepal for Indian Students

  • Location

    Between India & the Tibetan Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China.

  • Area & Population

    147,181Sq.Kms & Approximately 22 Million

  • Latitude & Longitude

    26’12’ and 30’27’ North & 80 degree 4′ and 88degree 12’East

  • Capital

    Kathmandu located at center of Nepal

  • Seasons

    Winter (December – February) Summer (March – May) Monsoon (June – August) Autumn (September – November)

  • National Bird & National Flower

    Impean Pheasant (Danfe) & Rhododendron Arboreum (Lali Gurans)

  • People

    Over 100 Ethnic Groups & 70Spoken Language

  • Political-System

    Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

  • Topography

    From the World’s Deepest Gorge ‘Kali -Gandaki’ , to the highest point on earth Mt. Everest at 8848m.

  • Vegetation

    Nepal Possesses some of the most outstanding bio-diversity in the world,ranging from sub -tropical Rain- forests to Alpine Deserts

  • Climate

    Climate ranges from sub- tropical in the low lands to arctic higher altitudes.

  • National Festivals

    Dashain, Tihar, Shivaratri, Nepali New Year (Baishak First),Tej,Chat etc.

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Important Facts to Learn about Nepal

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